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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. why juveniles recently escaped are on top of the roof. >> a reason a police cruiser smashed through the front of a liquor store. they want to make sure you are prepared for a disaster.
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here at jacqueline, they are telling you what they are doing to get the word out. >> i am a mom of three children and to have innocent 12-year- old girls to be forced to have a government injection through an executive order is flat out wrong. >> the surprise winner from last night's showdown, all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 news . let's start with steven, how does it looks out there? >> well a lot of that low clouds and fog will have a difference in temperatures and there are a few high clouds coming off the sierra and a few
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upper 80s to near 90s, here is sal. there is not a lot of fog on the golden gate and we are looking at the commute on the interstate 880 and that's fine. let's go back to the desk. >> overnight the sheriff's office launched a search for four teens who escaped from a youth detention facility. they escaped from the area and that triggered a shelter in place for the people living nearby. >> and the shelter in place and some fear for some businesses we are in byron and when word got out these boys had escaped, it caused quite a scare here. they got out the word very fast. workers there told us police stopped by to tell them about the escape and later in the
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evening safe way workers heard noises and they were thinking these escapes were on the roof instead it was roofers doing their jobs. >> four teens escaped from byron this evening. one is believed to be dangerous. people in the byron and discovery bay areas are advised to take shelter in the nearest place for safety. >> they are telling residents to lock all doors and to use the phone only in cases of emergency. they also made descriptions of the four boys. >> now two are black males, one is 16, one is 6-foot 3 weighs 300 pounds.
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one is 6-foot 4, 175 pounds. the other is hispanic, 14-year- old five feet 125 pounds. now deputies say the 350-pound 15-year-old is mentally challenged and he is believed to be dangerous. we tried talking to the safe way operators about what happened and we will get more details about their scare earlier tonight. kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. time now we have new video just coming into our newsroom. a san lee and drove -- a police car crashed through the liquor store around 3:00. they were responding to a call and apparently hit the curb and went right into the liquor store. neither the police officer for anybody inside had been hurt.
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-- nor anybody inside had been hurt. today fema and the red cross are all combining to kickoff national preparedness month. tara moriarty has more on the potential disasterrers they want you to be -- disasters they want you to be ready for. >> reporter: if a semi truck got stuck on the tracks and were you stuck, these are all potential emergencies and they want to make sure you are prepared. john hammel is with fema and they are hosting an event along with red cross as well as amtrak and you guys what will you be doing? >> well this is national preparedness month in september and we have gotten together with the nonprofit sector of the red cross to remind folks you need to be prepared at home
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and at work and in between when you are traveling. we want you to know what you need to have and we will be sharing literature with commuters that advices them on how to keep themselves safe. >> with regard to your minivan, you have literature that is supposed to go with that? >> yes, we have a list of the must haves in your car, specifically in your home and at your office to keep yourself, your workers and your family safe. >> thank you. >> reporter: because of 9/11 everything that has happened. they want to make sure we continue to be prepared incase of a disaster. coming up, we will show you what will be in that emergency kit everyone should have at home. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. now the so-called super committee that is supposed to cut from the deficit, they only
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have until november 23rd to cut $1.5 trillion from the u.s. deficit. we will go live on what the committee will be told ahead of the congressional budget office. there were some punches thrown mostly in rick perry's direction. he was criticized for being soft on illegal immigration and for an executive order he signed in texas requiring middle school girls to get the h p v vaccine. one again he confronted romney. >> when your book came out -- >> i think we ought to have a conversation... >> we are having that right now, governor. >> now they face off next week in orlando florida. if you want more information
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look to our home page ktvu channel 2 news. another bart protest was planned but this time they did not shut down. last night demonstrator marched on market street and they faced off at city hall before heading over to the civic station. they never got passed the fair gates and bart tells us the price tag of responding to these are mounting. >> we only have a finite amount so if we are dealing with it on protests, we are not spending it on the track. >> they captured homeland security acts at the scene and -- agents and the scene and they are also working with the
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fbi. the power is back on and they lost their power last night. 'underground equipment failure lost that outage. by 1:15 this morning, the service was back on for everybody. >> 5:08 how is the traffic doing, sal? we want to mention traffic will be affected by winds on the san mateo bridge. let's look at these pictures. traffic is moving well as you drive out to the mcarthur maze and out to the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems as you get on to the span. and this morning's commute looks good getting up to
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highway 17. at 509 let's go back to steve. well that pesty low, spinning thunderstorms in the sierra valley and the mother load so possible showers, i would say lake county or down towards monterey. it is warmer inland and the coast now has to deal with an increase in the fog bank. the thunderstorms really erupt and they get the lift up in the mountains and they fall apart once they hit sunset. 53 napa 56 santa rosa, still a sea breeze, it is not howling and it is closer to the coast and higher elevations are
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running warmer. below though once it starts to add into nevada and moves off to the east, we'll see it starting to move in and that will wrap up our fog bank so mountains here. high clouds as it heads back and they thin out. sun and clouds and a little bit warmer inland and temperatures by the coast, some of that fog even though it is still very shallow. a lot of moisture in the air, 60s 70s and near 90-degrees. the earnings tended -- extended after that all cooling friends wednesday and friday and saturday much warmer temperatures arriving by
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saturday. >> time now 5:10 trying to squeeze more out, why olive growers are not looking forward to half vast time. and stungun, it happened during an anniversary game. traffic is moving a long very well and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. look at this, it was all captured on cell phone video. three fans were shot by that stungun and nobody was seriously hurt. the suspect was tackled by fans and held until security arrived but now big questions are raised about security since it was played in new jersey on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and former president bush was there at that game. in colorado seven people were hurt at the concert, one woman remains in intensive care with a skull fracture. they don't know if the rocks fell naturally or if somebody was climbing in a restricted area and knocked the rocks loose. musicians like to play there because of its natural accused
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particular -- a couse sticks -- acoustics. allison burns is in our newsroom with the plans to reduce the deficit. >> reporter: that's right they will meet in a little over two hours and it's hard to estimate the enormous challenge they are facing especially now since president barack obama insist they add the jobs' program. he wants more spending on roads but committee is in charge of cutting 1.2 trillion from the federal deficit. he said his plan will be paid for mostly on the wealthy but republicans are mocking his approach. >> this promise you will cut over 10 years and i will spend $450 billion now. that is the way we are heading down the road to uncontrollable
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debt. >> now the super committee is expected to get sobering testimony about the long-term impact of the country's debt and i will have more on that during my next update in an hour. allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. secretary ray la hood will host a news conference to push for funding to keep the federal aviation administration up and running. one is a new traffic control tower at oakland. congress reached a temporary deal after furloughing thousands of workers in july but that expires midnight. they will release female inmates who have children, mothers with less than two years lesson their time could be allowed to serve their time at home, according to the l.a.
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times. the women could be released as early as next week and they will have to wear gps tracking devices. only mothers convicted of -- convicted of nonserious nonsexual crimes will be released. late rains in the area disrupted the pollination process so as a result the trees produced little or no fruit. the smaller crop is expected to create a shortage of locally produced olive oil. they are already warning buyers watch out. >> that means higher prices. >> that's right. back over to sal, how is the commute. >> well it is the same price, palm, we still have people moving along well in some of these areas, let's look at the golden gate bridge and traffic
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looks good if you are driving to the toll plaza. not a bad commute in fact we are working well here. traffic looks good, we had some high wind advisories and it is not as gusty as it was. westbound highway 4, still off to a good start and it looks like traffic is moving a long nicely on westbound 24 from walnut creek to oakland. let's go back to steve. >> fog or fair mostly clear inland, temperatures by the coast held in check. it will lift mostly sunny by this afternoon. thunderstorms continue to fire up over the sierra nevada and
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the low is down off the point of conception and they just dissipate but lake county out to the valley as well as monterey counties, they could get showers but friday night they did. not that strong in fairfield, it is at santa rosa reporting calm conditions but there is a definite change in the cloud deck. that system right there is moving in and as it does it will bump that low and not before some of our mountain thunderstorms and humidity is way up this. we will have mostly sunny to partly cloudy weather. a combination of clouds and sun but very warm away from the
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coast. 60s, 70s and 80s and probably up towards lake county as well. cooler pattern on wednesday thursday and friday and it looks like transition day on saturday, we return to warmer weather by sunday. the markets are mixed as investors remain on edge over the great debt. the nike closed over a percent but they lost over fears of inflation. most are open with concerns where their struggling country -- of whether struggling countries can meet the demands of creditors. it looks like an opening dow jones industrial average, nasdaq and s&p 500 all managed slight gains yesterday. microsoft will be handing
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out windows 8 in anaheim. microsoft is hoping to get analysts to write number 8 and they are trying to get back into the game. they are not expected on the market until next year. time now 521 and there was an apology on television about what he did on the air that made him say i'm sorry. good morning if you are driving to oakland you can see the traffic at the mcarthur maze where all the freeways come together. that looks good and we will tell you where traffic is beginning to get heavy, stay tuned for more. some people say...
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. highs on the warm side, near 80s and 90 degrees. >> look at what happened in stafford virginia, a sinkhole now forcing evacuations. they surrounding 10 to 12 feet just since friday. they say it will get worse each day and this is the third time it happened to these
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homeowners. it is a trend that is bringing in big money. since january there have been 8 movies filmed in san francisco. now the san francisco film commission estimates it will bring in more than $56 million this year and they also draw in tourists which bridges in even more money. >> they introduce more, you know what i am saying, there is more money being made by local tourists and markets. >> still photo shoots are the bread and butter of what they bring in and they received positive feedback that shooting in san francisco is getting easier. time now a pro-football commentator apologizes for cursing on the air. >> you have to get rid of this ball just a split second quicker -- >> you are listening to a
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player from the new england patriots -- new england patriots. he apologized on the air and said he hoped he didn't offend anybody. a gun battle in downtown kabul this morning, reports we are hearing from people inside the u.s. embassy there. they spent two years in an iranian prison now they could be coming home 48 hours from now and we will talk about the terms of their release and what it could cost them. also the safe way scare after four teens escaped from a youth detention facility. good morning, that traffic looks good to the interchange, we will tell you more coming up.
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. this is tuesday september 13th, i am dave clark and what is the weather like? hello, steve. we have fog returning to the coast and inland it will still be warm to hot. thunderstorms are possible up towards monterey and probably not for us. 60s by the beaches to near 90 inland, here is sal.
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if you are driving in the county it is getting slower and at 880 at the interchange, let's go back to the desk. in overnight news, the two accused of being spies may finally be getting out. they need to come up with a million dollars though. here to tell us more about this bail for freedom deal, here is more. >> reporter: mahmoud ahmadinejad said the two hikers john fetterman and shane bauer can be released as soon as tomorrow if they can come up with the money they can be released on thursday. now the two men have been in prison for the past two years and just last month, it appears
5:32 am
they faced a set back after an iranian court sentenced them to eight years for espionage. after the three of them cross the border on a hike, they maintained their innocence and said all along they crossed over accidentally after getting lost on that hike. sarah shaw was released from prison a year ago on humanitarian grounds but her release also came with a price tag. she had to pay 500,000 before she was freed and it appears that their release may be part of a similar arrangement. she said their families are not ready to comment or make a statement about this possible release just yet and they have not been officially cleared by an iranian court and word is if they can make that $500,000
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bail payment each of them they could be released this thursday. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. we have developing news coming this morning, there has been a gun battle right in downtown kabul in afghanistan. look at this new video coming from kabul, firefighters fired assault rockets in the direction of the american embassy navel headquarters and other official building. people were inside the american embassy and they were told to hide under their desk. so far no injuries reported. the search continues after they escaped in contra county. they escaped from the boy's ranch on picks lar road. are sheriff's officialed warned
5:34 am
employees about the escape and they heard noises on the roof but it turned out to be roofers. one is described as being mentally challenged, he is black 300 pounds and 6-foot 3 inches tall. at least one of those teens is considered dangerous. they are asking for people in discovery bay areas to stay inside and lock windows and doors. time now 5:33 somebody was rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car. it happened just after midnight. san francisco police say the driver of the car stopped after the impact and was cooperating. we are told there were four people in the car, none of them were hurt. police say the driver did not appear to be impaired but it is possible the driver who was hit
5:35 am
was impaired. the pedestrian remains in serious condition. well the efforts to prepare you for a disaster, ktvu channel 2 news tara moriarty is at jack london square amtrak station with more on the kickoff to national preparedness month, good morning tara. >> reporter: these are some of the pamphlets that will be attached to their tickets and it will have a list of basic emergency supplies you should have in your car. we are here at jack london square and hype me is something they set up passengers will see when they get off. here are some of the things you should have water a reflective blanket, batteries a flashlight, glow stick, even freeze dried food you can pick up at your local sporting good stores and these are things you should have incase of a
5:36 am
disaster. in the wake of 9/11 and all of the attention surrounding the controversy they want to make sure people remain vigilant. >> the government sector and most importantly the individual citizen and business to keep their communities and themselves safe. >> now again if you want to pick up any of these items they are sold at big box stores and this is actually a whistle and flashlight. if you take a look at that, there is the flashlight part, i am told the basic emergency response is 1 for yes, 2 for no and 3 if you need help. >> that was tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news reporting from
5:37 am
oakland. now a viewer sent us photos of the flames which happened at 8:30 last night. firefighters had everything under control in less than 45 minutes. firefighters say his injuries do not appear to be serious. the man and woman found dead inside of an oakland home had been stabbed according to a report. after responding to a fire near college 1:00 sunday morning, they believe the victims were stabbed and the fire was started to cover up the crime. they reported seeing several people running from the building after that fire broke out. they released the california crime rate report and it is good news we are told across the board.
5:38 am
coming up at 5:45 how the low crime rate in every category including the arrest rate has dropped. firefighters are gaining ground on several wildfires burning in kern county. after severe lightning and thunderstorms the fire began and firefighters spent the night building containment lines. hundreds of homes have been evacuated but so far no homes have been destroyed. in texas people evacuated by a wildfire are starting to return home. take a look at the long line of cars which stretched for more than a mile yesterday. people had been out of their homes for less than a week and that fire destroyed more than 1,500 homes. >> we are safe and now we want to start up a new life from here. >> the fire is more than 60%
5:39 am
contained and hundreds more people are waiting to go home. people's homes who are still standing may be without electricity and they are being told to boil water. let's check in with sal, do you need to help people to get to where they go? we had a couple of things already, let's go and start with a look at the south bay where 280 northbound looks good getting to 101 and 285. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, that traffic is still light and we will be waiting for 20 minutes. right now waiting for one minute or a little lessor better as you get out there. >> traffic is okay and there is an accident after patterson pass road.
5:40 am
it is only minor injuries but after you get to pittsburgh it does open up for you. on the east shore between vallejo and ridge month traffic still looks good. >> thank you sir, a combination of things today, it will be mostly sunny, the fog bank looks to be increasing so by the coast probably not that warm inland but it could be very warm and by tomorrow everyone could be warm. thunderstorms off to the east, more fog breezy schooler and the -- cooler and high pressure moves in from the west. until then we will have to deal with tropical clouds which have been firing up over the sacramento valley and then they just fall apart. occasionally like last friday they produce lightning and so far they have not had anything
5:41 am
at least nothing to write home about. 50s and 60s on these temperatures and there is an on shore breeze, it is not that strong, but the fog bank is now starting to increase and it's being helped along over the pacific northwest. one more day of thunderstorms and it is going to get bumped along today. so again, possible thunder showers and mostly sunny and it will be warmer away from the coast but there is a lot of low clouds. warm for some cool for others, a lot of humidity so the mugginess is up there. a few near 90 degrees and some of the higher elevations running more than 24 hours ago, tomorrow everyone cools off thursday and friday and with your weekend always in view, sunday looks to be much warmer
5:42 am
maybe into monday as well. >> 541 is the time. two sexual assaults in one week, the efforts to keep students safe. >> plus die and finestein why her campaign now needs a lot of cash. >> good morning if you are driving in the county, southbound looks good heading out to the bottom of the hill we will tell you more coming up. starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope,
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[ male announcer ] get to a better state. . now searching for four escaped teens who got out of a youth detention facility, that
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caused a scare in byron minutes ago. they thought they heard the teens up on the roof but it turned out to be the roofers. one is described as dangerous and mentally challenged. mahmoud ahmadinejad said the two detained uc berkeley graduates who have been detained over the last two years may be freed. they may free john fetterman and shane bauer on $500,000 each. they will meet again today. they are scheduled to hear from the u.s. congressional office and he said tough measures will be necessary to get to that $1.5 trillion in savings the committee is supposed to come up with. the campaign treasure also charged may have wiped out fine
5:46 am
steins accounts. fine stein said she trusted him implicitly but her campaign has been unable to track it and it is unclear how much money is missing. by congressman anthony weiner, new york voters are talking about running as republican and democrat. they are facing off to replace congressman anthony weiner who resigned after admitting to sending he can esexually explicit -- sexually he can miss sit messages to women. war crimes, a three month investigation claims rebel forces unlawfully killed more than a dozen muammar gaddafi
5:47 am
loyalists. amnesty forces say muammar gaddafi committed far greater war crimes both in number and magnitude. the campus is on alert after two sexual assaults in one week. now on sunday a female student reported being sexually assaulted. then on labor day another one said she was sexually assaulted near the campus and they are now responding to these attacks >> we have vehicle patrols in the area and they are making sure the blue light emergency phones are available on campus. >> they don't think the two incidents are related and the two suspect descriptions are different. san jose police say they are also involved in this. every category has gone down according to the
5:48 am
department of justice violent crime is down 6.9% and that includes homicide and rape. motor vehicle theft down 7.6%. the state is also 6% lower than last year and that number includes both juvenile an adults. it is based on information from sheriff's offices from all 58 counties. 547 is the time right now back over to sal, any troubled spots this morning? >> well it is getting busier in some areas dave and pam, we don't have anything major right now on the roads right now, highway 4 westbound is getting busier as you drive -- as you drive passed the bay point area. let's move along and take a look at 880, it is in this picture or near it anyway.
5:49 am
interstate 880 looking good in both directions. and on the freeway on vallejo and richmond traffic is looking relatively light. let's go to steve. we see a lot of activity north and east of us and we have a bigger fog bank affecting vallejo areas and we will have issues warming up and we are already starting off on the 60s for many. a few high clouds continue to rotate and on shore wind is there but it's not that strong. fog is pouring in over the bay and it is not making too much of a push over the coastal hills. once you get the sunset it falls apart and collapses. it is possible off towards sacramento valley we'll see more thunder form activity --
5:50 am
thunderstorm activity especially with conception but it is moving. clouds sun warm for some cool for others, 60s and 70s mostly sunny conditions, cooler pattern and we start to turn things around with your weekend in view we'll see warmer weather on sunday. the latest census numbers will be released later today and they are expected to show 10 year decline for employers providing insurance currently reaching a new low. 3 5% of people receive health coverage through work and the u.s. poverty rate will increase from its current level of
5:51 am
14.3%. u.s. driver's are on pace to spend the most money of gas ever. reports say this number could hit almost $500 billion by the end of the year. higher gas prices are to blame for excess spending and prices should drop between now and mid- october but will likely climb back to $4 per gallon by spring. in los angeles federal court, the sugar industry wants to stop the term high truck toes corn dark fluke toes corn variety rip. they they say the name is turning off weight watchers. they helped to launch the second phase of bioblitz.
5:52 am
all 16,000 500 species of them, they say they are relying on armature photographers to whip out snap shots of frogs and his discards. since the june launch they have received pictures of 700 amphibian species. what it would mean to san francisco's ocean beach if the water level keeps rising. a chance to rip people off, how a scammer now faces punishment.
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. welcome back, a san francisco woman is convicted for posing as a victim of the san bruno explosion. she pled no contest for charges of second degree burglary and eye accidentty theft. after that explosion they told government officials their belongings and identification had been destroyed. they told police they rented a room from one of the burned homes. she faces two years in prison when she is sentenced in november. job growth is staying flat. the labor department reports more than 1 million jobs in the
5:56 am
bay area in july and that's on change from a year ago. that includes san francisco and san mateo counties and the new report says there are 4200 fewer government jobs this year and that's the biggest drop in any government job sector. the number of tech jobs is growing. dozens of new start ups are launching at the technical crunch in san francisco. products include apps and social gaming. >> millions are people are down low and that's a significant thing, they bring new people into the business and new entrepreneurs to the economy
5:57 am
like never before. >> silicone valley tech jobs growth is expected this year. rising sea levels, due to a new study today, the waters off ocean beach could rise six feet by the year 2100 and this could affect millions more in lost tourism. similar findings were found across the state. were you working with the great sid farmer this morning? let's go to the picture he is showing us of the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 as you head out to the high-rise, as you can see the traffic is moving after we had a high winds advisory and after i will is ask him if he thinks the wind is blowing and we will get
5:58 am
a firsthand opinion if he thinks it is windy out there. let's go to the sunole grade 680 traffic is moving along nicely, pam, back to you. crashing right into a liquor store, where the incident happened and what led to that crash. the inmate escaped and they have triggered a warning. we have some warm temperatures coming up and we will take a look, stay tuned. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
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it's a smart way to go.


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